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The Perfect Pocket Film Camera - All About The Olympus Mju II

The Perfect Pocket Film Camera - All About The Olympus Mju II

Ella Palmer |


The Perfect Pocket Camera - Film Camera Store

The Perfect Pocket Camera

With the interest of Film coming back into 'fashion' the Mju ii being a cult favourite amongst the younger generation the little compact camera has been gaining some interest back. In this blog, we will go on to say how we feel about the Mju ll and why it's a firm spot on the favourite point-and-shoot shelf.

The Mju 2 is an extremely small, compact camera from the late 80s-90s and has recently made a comeback in its popularity. As we get into the unique feel of film, Olympus has our backs when it comes to ease.

The Mju ii is one of the easiest, simple cameras to use. Of course, with all cameras, there are positives and negatives. To get the best result it's good to know both so you know what you are getting into. 


The Mju ll has a unique on and off switch which operates using the sliding lens cap. This is a brilliant way to keep the lens clean and dust free at the same time as being easy and straightforward to switch on.

A lot of the time the MJU ii is actually less likely to break even though it may feel cheap because of its plastic build and lightweight camera body. The Mju ii has a small body that packs a punch with durability. Especially as it is splash-proof, perfect for any occasion. 

The main selling point of the camera would be its beautiful, fast lens. Olympus made the Mju ii with a 35mm prime lens making it super sharp and suited to many different applications. Along with this, the f2.8 lens allows the camera to work well in low lighting with the flash it can handle those dark winter days.

Carl Zeiss is known for giving a clean crisp image with their lenses. You won't experience any vignette or light leaks, or uneven lighting with this lens. 

 Photo took on Olympus MJUII

 Child of the Olympus XA

It's true when Olympus was first established, they wanted to push the boundaries in camera technology. Their first was to tackle to Olympus SLR series of cameras starting with the OM 1 Which was legendary in its lens technology. Olympus was thereafter known for their extremely sharp images from their prime lenses. Legacy lenses (old school film camera lenses) are relatively inexpensive for how beautiful they have been put together with actual glass as opposed to plastic which is used frequently now.

Olympus OM-1 - Film Camera Store

Photo by Ben Lambert on Unsplash

The Mju ii is sometimes known as the successor to the Olympus XA. Completely succeeding every compact film camera before. The XA is technically a rangefinder due to its small but efficient and sharp Carl Zeiss lens. The lens is a prime lens using a double lens with the glass back to get the amplified image. This also eliminates the light leaks or vignettes on the photos after processing. 

The Olympus XA is a brilliant alternative to the MJU ii if you are looking for a substitute. Because it is still a completely small compact camera. The XA is a simple use camera that has the capability to attach a flash to the side of the camera. This allows you to shoot in low lighting as well as boost your day time shots. 

Olympus XA - Film Camera Store

Photo by Kei on Unsplash

 Alternatives for Olympus MJU ll 

Sometimes the Mju ii is very rare and not easy to get your hands on. We have some close alternatives if you ever seek a MJU II but can't get it. 


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