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How To: Fix Canon Cough

Ella Palmer |

How To Fix Canon Cough - Film Camera Store

How To Fix Canon Cough

Have you ever been worried about your canon SLR sounding rather squeaky? Does it always cough when you press your shutter down? This is most likely Canon cough.

Canon cough is not a massively serious problem but it can be a simple fix if you want to rid your camera of the squeak.

Please follow our blog on how to fix Canon cough and how to easily get your camera to sound crisp and clean again.

 In order to follow our steps, we have made a video for you to follow. This video can be found along with other tutorials on our YouTube cannel


Step 1

set your canon upside down and unscrew the 2 small screws on the bottom of the camera.

Screwdriver for small parts - Film Camera Store

Here is the exact screwdriver we use. It comes with multiple screw bits for different screw heads. Found on Amazon £4.99

Step 2

Once you have unscrewed the bottom of the camera you will see the inside of the camera. Locate the red and black wire on towards the lens of the camera.

Canon Parts - Red and Black Wire -  Film Camera Store


Step 3

 Next, you will need some simple machine oil. This will help to loosen the mechanism that is stiff inside the camera. The oil can be cheaply purchased off amazon too or even eBay.

Ours looks like this

Machine oil for cameras - Film Camera Store

Found on Amazon for £4.89

Step 4

Using the oil you can insert the tip of the needle into the hole in front of the red and black wire in the camera. Squeeze the oil for a second around 2-3 times. Do not overdo this as the oil can seep into the viewfinder and can damage the vision. 

After this just fire the camera a few times making sure that the camera is still upside down. This should help with moving the oil through the mechanism of the camera.


Step 5

Once you have done this you can screw the bottom of the camera back on and leave it to sit upside down for a couple of hours. A few different sources may tell you to leave it overnight, but most of the time the issue is resolved over a couple of hours. You can always leave it overnight if you are not in a rush to use your camera. Much like anything leaving it for longer will make it better. But we always precautionary say a minimum of 2 hours.


This is all there is to fixing canon cough! It's very simple to fix and useful to know when you have any issues down the road. The equipment needed is cheap and cheerful so you will easily be able to repair this issue at home.