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Where To Get 35mm film Developed? A Guide to Photo labs Around The UK

Where To Get 35mm film Developed? A Guide to Photo labs Around The UK

Ella Palmer |

Where to get your film developed around the UK - Film Camera Store

Where to get your film developed in the UK

Have you just started your journey into film photography and you've finished your roll of film? You look down at the roll and proceed to put it back in the canister for safekeeping, just to forget it's there for weeks, months, or years later. 

We've all been there. It's daunting having to go to a photo lab and get your photos developed. What if they are really awful, underexposed, or overexposed? These photos you've spent your actual physical time taking. These photos you worked hard for, and spent money on.

Perhaps it is the money side of things that stops people from getting their photos developed or maybe it is because it's easier to take them and forget about them than see if they've ruined a  whole roll of film. It doesn't have to be ridden with anxiety! Just go and ask your local photo lab for their guidance they will be willing to help you out in any way they can. But where do you go...?

Where in the UK are the photo labs? 

In this blog, we will show you where our favourite photo labs are around the UK. When we say photo labs this means a photo development store/ camera shop that will develop your film for you.

 To find your local film camera store or photo lab type into Google Maps Film Camera and search your location. Developing Photos - Film Camera Store

South England


Bournemouth beach on film - film camera store




Jack's Lab


 Photo Shop Cornwall


Brighton Film Lab


The Film Safe


London On film - Film Camera Store


 Rapid Eye


Midlands - Film Camera Store


AG Photographic + Photolab

North West England

Liverpool - Film Camera Store


Dot Art


Come Through Lab



Yorkshire - Film Camera Store


J&A Photography Studio



Take It easy Lab


Northern Wales - Film Camera Store


Express Imaging


Edinburgh - Film Camera Store


 A+M Imaging