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  • photography 101 your ultimate starter guide

    photography 101 your ultimate starter guide

    Photography, an art form that has been a cornerstone of visual expression for over two centuries, is about capturing light. The camera, much like our eyes, sees and captures light,...

  • How to Use an SLR Camera

    How to Use an SLR Camera

    Welcome to a beginner's guide on how to use a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera. SLR cameras are popular among photography enthusiasts for their versatility and control over image capture....

  • How To: Fix Canon Cough

    Have you ever been worried about your canon SLR sounding rather squeaky? Does it always cough when you press your shutter down? This is most likely Canon cough. Read more to...

  • How To: Use an External Flash

    How To: Use an External Flash

    Do you have a film camera and don't know why all of your photos are a bit dark or need a boost? Use an external Flash unit to help elevate...

  • How To Load 35mm Film in an SLR

    Ever wanted an SLR but don't know how to use it? We've got your back when it comes to all things film photography! This blog will teach you how to load...

  • How To: What is the Exposure Triangle?

    Light is responsible for every image captured in photography. How a camera captures light is decided by three variables that make up what is known as the exposure triangle. Learn how...

  • How To Load Film Into An Olympus Trip 35

    It's easily understandable why the Trip 35 is one of our most popular cameras, the pocket-size camera is tough, easy to use, and has a great lens on it to produce...