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How To Load Film Into An Olympus Trip 35

Ella Palmer |

The Olympus trip 35 has made a resurgence in film photography in 2022. It's easy to use and gives great results and here is why.

Olympus Trip 35- Film Camera Store

The Olympus Trip 35 has a lightweight body (approx.400g) but the metal body gives a professional finish to the compact camera. It's easily understandable why the Trip is one of our most popular cameras, the pocket-size camera is tough, easy to use and has a great lens on it to produce some fantastic photos, for this reason, it's important to know a few things about the camera such as how to load film to get you started. 


Olympus started producing the Trip 35 model in 1968 and produced around 10 million cameras between then and 1983. The Trip 35's iconic lens started to draw attention because of its obvious and somewhat iconic feature. A selenium panel powers an automatic light meter within the camera body, this metering is done through a solar charge around the lens. Making the Trip automatic when it comes to shutter speed and exposure. Making a perfectly exposed photo on film a breeze. A Trip 35 is reliable for taking those photos you desire no matter if you want a simple point and shoot for those holiday pics or a new experiment for your professional photography.

Olympus Trip 35- Film Camera Store

No batteries are needed!?

It's true! What the Olympus Trip 35 does best is adapt to its consumer, no batteries make the Trip easy to use, quick, and accessible. The Olympus Trip 35 has a single contact hot-shoe for a flash to be added, flash units for Trips are available on our website. It also takes 35mm film which is readily available from our website and is the most popular size of film for those starting in film photography.

Ilford HP5 Black And White Film- Film Camera Store

So you want to learn how to take those aesthetically pleasing, authentic photos?

Loading film is not as difficult as it sounds and should not stop you from dipping your toes into the world of film. Here's how it's done.

Check out our YouTube channel for more tips and tricks!

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  • Open the back of your Trip 35. the back of the camera is facing you, on the left side at the bottom is a little button to pull down. This opens the back.
How to Load Film Into An Olympus Trip 35 -  Film Camera Store
  • This diagram will show you all the parts of the back that you need to know.
How to Load Film Into An Olympus Trip 35 -  Film Camera Store
  • Push the spindle up to make sure the film can sit in there properly.
How to Load Film Into An Olympus Trip 35 -  Film Camera Store
  • Open your film canister and you should see a bottom and a top with a little tail/ leader piece of film sticking out.
How to Load Film Into An Olympus Trip 35 -  Film Camera Store
  • Flip the film so the bottom is at the top. the bottom has a hole that will connect to the spindle.
  • Push the spindle down and pull a small amount of the film out of the canister. Don't worry this will not ruin your film!
  • hold the leader and put it into the slot on the take-up spool.
How to Load Film Into An Olympus Trip 35 -  Film Camera Store
  • To make sure the film is in the spool properly press the shutter button and wind the wheel and you should see the film move around the spool. Another good sign that it's working is the spindle will rotate as you spin the wheel.
How to Load Film Into An Olympus Trip 35 -  Film Camera Store
  • Wind the wheel until the display dial goes from s to 1. This 1 is your first exposure ready to be shot.
How to Load Film Into An Olympus Trip 35 -  Film Camera Store
  • Line up your subject and you're ready to take those amazing photos!

Some examples of photos taken with an Olympus Trip 35

Olympus Trip 35 Sample Photos- Film Camera Store

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