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Where to buy Film Cameras in Australia

Where to buy Film Cameras in Australia

Luke Clarke |

In 2023, you’re either shooting film, or looking at getting into it—and that’s a beautiful thing.

The good news is that whichever stage you’re at, every pocket of Australia is well truly stocked with top quality film supplies at a range of price points, making everything from the classic 35mm point & shoot camera to Super 8 Video Camera, extremely accessible.

So, whether you’re an analogue addict or an aspiring one, there’s never been a better time to start. Yes, it can be a bit of a costly exercise once you’re officially hooked, but once you check out the quality of the scans awaiting you in your inbox, you’ll see just how worth it all is.

Somewhere in Australia there’s a retro old school camera and fresh roll of film with your name on it—read on to get acquainted with all of Australia’s best analogue film camera stores.


Film Camera Australia

Film Cameras Australia provides an easy to choose from range of 35mm film products, ranging from premium SLR’s to beginner level point and shoots. Whatever the skill level, we have something for you! They have their own dedicated website whilst also selling on the second goods platform Depop.


Film Never Die

Located in the Water tank Way precinct, just a four-minute walk from Southern Cross Station, you’ll find that FilmNeverDie has everything you need. Aside from being able to sort out all of your film-related needs, they also pride themselves on their co-curricular activities including regular exhibitions, book launches and their fan-fave photo walks which will now take you on a tour of the CBD as well as the Docklands.


Previously operating strictly online, Walkens has become a film enthusiast’s dream come true, due to their competitive pricing and extensive range. And now that dream has turned into a bricks and mortar store reality on Brunswick Street, so now you can grab fresh film supplies for yourself. We won’t blame you for being enticed by their flashy neon sign—at all.


The Film Shop

The film Shop offers a wide 35mm film, 110 film and 120 film combine with free shipping on orders over £150 makes them a good choice for causal film photographers.

They also stock developing and darkroom equipment for that film enthusiast who wishes to take their hobby to a new level.


Wades World

Wade has over 30yrs industry experience & photographic experience and has a reputation for his deep knowledge of cameras & photography.  They stock a wide range of used film cameras , new digital cameras, and accessories to suit any photographers requirements.



Photoco are the oldest camera shop in South Australia and our award winning store is third generation family owned and operated since 1965.

They stock a diverse range of the latest photographic products and well as the largest second-hand range of 35mm, 120mm, Large Format cameras, lens and accessories. We stock supplies for home developing and printing and have on-site a quality colour Lab capable of film developing and printing.

PhotoCo are Pro-Stockist for Leica, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Fuji as well as selling a huge range of other brands. We also provide photographic courses, excursions and a range of photographic related supplies.

Viva La Film

Film Camera Repair Shop all new-age film photographers in south Australia should know about. Viva La Film offer a specialized mechanical and electronic film camera repair service – ranging from CLA, light seals replacement and full camera rebuilds. ‘’Assist more people to enjoy the world of film’’ Viva


Sydney Camera Market

A photography students dream - Sydney Camera Market holds events four times a year at Newington College - Centenary Hall - Stanmore. We have over 50 tables full of Photographic gear including old film cameras, lenses, filters, tripods, darkroom gear, accessories, old movie gear, super 8mm, 16mm and projectors, splicers, video, digital cameras and accessories.

Many old/vintage collectables including Leica, Contax, Rolleiflex, Zeiss, Voightlander Canon, Polaroid, Olympus, Minolta, Kodak, rangefinder, and Nikon etc. Medium and large format including Linhof, Sinar, Hasselbald, Mamiya, Bronica etc.

Perfect for students, enthusiasts, collectors, pro photographers, video and film makers.

Gerenal admission is $5 and students $3. Check their website for the latest event. Most visit!

Sydney Super8

Sydney’s only old school film and camera store with a vast collection of photography equipment, and extensive knowledge about anything related to still and motion film photography. Festooned with old signage, the store is a walk back in time to the camera stores of days gone by. They are also proud of their extensive knowledge and collection of super 8 cameras for sale, including super 8 and regular 8mm film.


Georges Cameras was established in 1981 and has been creating photographers for over 39 years. Georges is one of the leading independently-owned camera and electronic retailers in Australia and has access to the best prices on all major brands and products.

Georges boasts an impressive range of internationally recognised brands and hold pro accounts for Canon and Nikon. Georges caters to photographers of all levels of expertise - from happy snappers to photographic enthusiasts and professionals – with compact cameras for all budgets, digital SLRs and professional photographic equipment.

Double Bay Camera Shop

Double Bay Camera Shop is a real "brick-and-mortar" full-service camera store and photographic equipment retailer that has been in business in Double Bay, Sydney for over 8 years.

Double Bay Camera Shop is dedicated to bring you the latest photography gear and value-packed kits at the lowest possible prices with Local Australian warranty. We expanded our business to the Internet as to become the one of the best online seller specializing exclusively in the sale of photographic equipment.



For those looking to buy a film camera, a lens or some neat accessories, Reshoot stocks a comprehensive range of products to suit everyone from the newbie wanting an exciting new hobby to the consummate professional seeking to add some analogue flare to their work.


Beginning Film.

Founded in 2018, Beginning Film. are a small business specialising in the sourcing of vintage film cameras, lenses and related items. Operating between Sydney and Tokyo, all of our products are hand selected, inspected and tested by us before making them available for your purchase. They also offer a direct sourcing service, they can track down and locate rare cameras.

Shutter Film Co.

Shutter Film Co. have a modern website with stock of 50 + vintage film cameras available. They cater for the new generation of film photographers with quality how to guides and good entry level cameras.