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Film Camera Store Staff Top Picks 2023

Ella Palmer |

Film Camera Store - Staff Top Picks

Welcome to 2023, to kick off the this year we thought we'd give you our Staff top picks for film cameras and equipment, get to know us and why we love film.

Film Camera Store - Staff Picks

Film Camera Store- Staff Top Picks

Film Camera Store - Staff Top Picks

Kiren's top picks:

Kiren is a fan of The Simpsons, cats, caffeine and film cameras. Ask him his favourite film camera and you'll get a long string of cameras that tickle his fancy.

A distinct one being the Nikon F3. As well as the Nikon F3, Kiren's favourite camera selection is the Canon F1N, Canon AE-1,  Bronica ETRS. His favourite film being Ilford HP5, Kiren prefers to shoot in Black and White film as apposed to colour.

Staff Top Picks - Film Camera Store

Film Camera Store - Staff Top Picks

Film Camera Store - Staff Top PIcksRosie's top picks:

Rosie is a crafter at heart and enjoys putting her creativity into her own projects. She also enjoys SpongeBob and every animal possible, she even had a pet crow. Asking her what her favourite film cameras are Rosie came up with a few interesting contenders.

Such as the Yellow Olympus Trip 35, Yellow being one of Rosie's favourite colours. At Film Camera Store we have so many colours to choose from to re-leather Olympus Trip 35's, we are hoping to make this a future project to custom re-leather customers cameras. 

Another great camera Rosie said was her favourite is the Canon T70, the T70 being a fully automatic SLR which makes it an interesting selection on our Staff Top Picks. Rosie mentioned she loves a Zenit, mostly because they're built like a brick and 'smell of old people'. Final one for cameras is the Canon XL as Rosie says it reminds her of Tetris. Her favourite film stock to shoot on is Kodak Gold or Fujifilm Velvia film.

Film Camera Store - Staff Picks

Film Camera Store - Staff Top Picks
Film Camera Store - Staff Top PicksElla's top picks:

Ella is a creative, quiet soul who likes to watch TV shows and enjoy a cosy hot chocolate. She is also obsessed with dogs.

Ella's top picks for cameras was a difficult list to come up with as she is so indecisive. She did mention her own camera being the Olympus Pen EE-3 which is a half frame point and shoot camera that works similarly to the Olympus Trip with a selenium cell that works as a light  meter.

As a firm believer in composition and taking her time with photos so often will prefer a tripod set up or the complete opposite with a quick point and shoot. Ella's top picks include cameras like the Pentax Espio Mini, Canon AE-1, Olympus MJU i and enjoys using colour film like Kodak Gold and Kodak Ultra max. But she indulges in Ilford black and  white film as well as funky indie films like Elektra Flic Film.

Film Camera Store - Staff Top Picks