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Types of Photography Styles

Types of Photography Styles

David Johnson |

There are many different types of photography, from fine art photography to landscape photography. Most photographers will naturally be drawn into one particular type of photography they enjoy working with the most. Some like the thrill of photojournalism, some prefer the peace and tranquillity of still-life photography.
We have tried to explain in this article some of the main genres of photography to help you decide which style you may prefer when starting out. You could try a few styles and subject matter out and see which you work best with.
There are also many different styles within styles, for example photographing animals, this could include wildlife photography, pet photography, or aerial photography. The location of this could be anywhere from a local woodlands, a family home, a private studio or out in the plains of Africa!

Portrait Photography

woman, model, portrait - Types of Photography Styles
Portraiture, or portrait photography, is one of the most common photography styles that aims to capture an individual's mood and personality. There are many ways to take pictures, whether it is candid or posed, full-body or close-up. In either case, it is typically the subject's eyes and face that are in focus.
Emotion and tone can be conveyed with lighting and backdrops. Senior portraits, family portraits, engagement photos, and professional headshots are popular types of photography portraits. It's key that the photographer makes the client feel comfortable during the shoot. This helps the portrait look natural and not forced.
Fashion photography
Types of Photography Styles, fashion, photography, portrait
The field of fashion photography encompasses everything from runway shows to brand catalogues, advertising, model portfolios, and editorial shoots.
As a result of this diversity, nothing about it is simple. The fashion genre also blurs heavily with other types of photography, including fine art, portraiture, and product photography.

Still Life Photography

Types of Photography Styles, still life, flower, photography
There is no other genre of photography like still life. One of its special features is that the subjects are usually not very interesting. There's nothing special about them, just inanimate objects that you normally wouldn't notice.
Still life photography is all about making your photos interesting, so you need to find ways to make them interesting. It's also a great style of photography for learning new techniques.
A still life photographer can bring life to their subjects by experimenting with different arrangements, lighting, and compositions.

Editorial Photography

Types of Photography Styles, kenya, narok, county
The creation of photos for publications is a key element of editorial photography. To accompany their tales, journals, magazines, and newspapers all require images. In editorial content, the photographs and imagery are just as significant as the text.
The editorial photographer's job is to produce photographs that convey the article's theme. This may be a piece of journalism that needs images from actual events. Alternately, the topic could be something more abstract, like depression or the passage of time.
You shouldn't mix together commercial with editorial photography. Selling a product is not the goal of editorial photography. Selling a story is the goal here. Editorial photography must be concise and straightforward. Additionally, editorial photos must not only enhance the narrative but also match it.

Architectural Photography

Types of Photography Styles, architecture, corridor, modern
Professional architectural photographers capture images of buildings and other constructed objects. Their images are frequently used for business purposes, for the developer to post online or in brochures, or for the project team's portfolios. The appropriate images can be highly useful to those who commission them, as potential purchasers and clients are frequently led to properties by an image.
Attractive photographs should always be made available to the public.
Architectural photographers may be trained photographers who have developed a specialisation in the field through time, or they may have prior expertise in architecture or a similar field.

Sports Photography

Types of Photography Styles, ski race, world cup, sport
The art of capturing images of athletes, sports, and athletic events is known as sports photography. The photographers observe the action as it takes place on the field, court, or track from a sideline position.
Sports photography is a lucrative industry. Additionally, the images are utilised by print, internet, and magazine publications. National newspapers' back pages are full of them. And well-known sports, like football, have specialised periodicals chock-full of top-notch sports images.
People are connected to the sports they love through sports photography. The majority of people need a way to stay informed because they can't attend every live game. They stay in touch thanks to the efforts of sports photographers.
Sports photography produces classic, everlasting images. There are some sporting events that transcend mere competition. 
Some incidents have actually happened in history and are now ingrained in our culture.
Sports don't follow a script. There are no second chances. The action is happening right now, therefore the photographer needs to have their camera ready. Sports photography requires knowledge of the sport and vigilance while the event is taking place.


Types of Photography Styles, fashion, people beyonce, entertainer, singer
Photojournalism is the art of telling a story using photos as your primary means of expression. A photojournalist uses a camera to record the visual depiction of a story, whereas a journalist uses pen and paper to communicate stories.
The proverb "a picture is worth a thousand words" is one that the most of us are familiar with. This is the underlying theory of photojournalism. When a photojournalist can capture the most spectacular photographs on film or their CCD chip, news organisations are willing to pay top price for their services.
A change in priorities has also occurred in contemporary photojournalism. Modern photojournalists in the field aim to capture emotions rather than an objective depiction of everyday life like the photojournalists of the 1930s and 1940s did.
The most moving and occasionally graphic visuals are beneficial to our news cycle. These photos therefore pay the highest and are the most in demand for photojournalists.

Photography Genres

If you cannot decide what types of photos you want to specialise in, you could try out a few photography focuses to try to establish what kind of photography suits your personal style best.
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