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What is the Best Small Camera for Everyday photography?

What is the Best Small Camera for Everyday photography?

Ella Palmer |

What Is The Best Small Camera For Everyday Photography?

What is the Best Small Camera for Everyday photography? 

When it comes to knowing the best way around a film camera it's difficult to way up the pros and cons. For a lot of people, small and compact film cameras are the best way around this as they often come with lots of features that benefit the user. Some of which could be how lightweight the model is and ease of storing/carrying, the use of automatic focus or automatic shutter speed. These things come in handy when you are using a film camera for the first time but also if you want the peace of mind that your photos will turn out at least exposed properly.

Small Compact Film Camera

Compact cameras come in all shapes and sizes, there are a few features that will be different to compare with. 

Built-In and Pop-Up Flash

Built In Flash

A camera with built in flash is a popular feature for small cameras for everyday. It's a great option for an everyday camera as it gets the most out of the cameras flexibility for day and night. Having a flash is not essential for everyday use as most of the time film is best shot in the daylight, so this could be something to consider when buying a compact small camera.

Konica Pop - Pop up flash on small camera

Pop up flashes are sometimes better than built in flashes as they are easily turned off, especially as they usually have a button or manually pushed down. This is possibly the better option for those who don't use flash as much or want to reduce red eye. 

Size and Shape

Size and shape mean a lot when it comes to an everyday camera, of course going with something smaller will help with this. However small is a large term for what you can actually get. Film cameras come in all shapes and sizes. A compact camera often is categorised in the film industry to be pocket size, any camera that doesn't require a special camera bag to carry the camera. Small cameras are often put into different groups. These can include fully automatic, manual and folding bed camera. Of course when we think of small film cameras most of us picture the little silver camera with a small zoom and a built in flash that automatically focuses and quickly takes a photo. However this is not always the case. A classic compact, pocket size camera is the Mju II which was Olympus' way of making an SLR in the smallest form that was possible! 

Check out our blog about the Mju ii, showing how perfect the little camera is.

Olympus XA - Film Camera Store


When thinking about picking the best everyday small camera, keep in mind what your lifestyle is like. Are you someone who wants an everyday camera for your work life or social life? Do you think your everyday camera needs to handle complicated photoshoots or you just want to take as many photos on film as you can. All of these play a big part in what camera to buy. At Film Camera Store there are a lot of options for small cameras that don't just include 35mm cameras. 

Small Film Camera - Film Camera Store

Another great option for those wanting a cheap everyday camera that is pocket size and fun to use is something like a rangefinder. Rangefinders are brilliant as they work similarly to disposable cameras, using the same focal range by physically moving the subject or yourself. They give you that vintage slight blur and wonderful imagery with an easy to use camera.

Rangefinder - LEICA - Film Camera Store

Another interesting point to make about Pocket Cameras is the fact that they are often the most popular choice. This seems to be true especially for the newer generations who didn't grow up with film cameras. They tend to be easier to use for everyday use as they have a lot of automation within them, whereas SLRs are found to be more manual based with the occasional light meter to help you meter your photographs. 

A Possible Trend

As we move forward into 2023 we can see a bigger rush for the element of nostalgia. Nostalgia is helping the film industry boom. The use of film has rocketed through the last years, being one of the top searches in the camera industry. However the latest craze or trend seems to be the resurgence of the Digicam. Digicams and Camcorders are making their way into popularity again, giving that 90s/Y2K look that everyone is enjoying presently. A massive pull towards Digicams as we understand it, is getting that vintage, bad quality image that come with small mega pixels and cute colours or small bodies. The Digicam gives younger people that nostalgia from before their time with something tangible that is something they have not experienced before. Technology is moving so fast that it's great to have something that isn't virtual and something that you can take with you, tressure and use on the daily that won't be anything like using your phone. It gives the appealing factor of something a little different.

 Digicams - Film Camera Store