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Top Camera Deals for Black Friday 2022 - Film Camera Store

Ella Palmer |

Top Deals for
Black Friday 2022

Don't know what to get your kids, friends, or partners for the end of this year? Black Friday is always the best time to shop deals on expensive, quality gifts. Don't worry Film Camera Store has your back when it comes to decision-making and how to make the most of your money.
With the cost of living being a big difficulty for many families we would like to take into consideration that not everyone can afford a camera or a new roll of film. We have lots of options for those on a budget for gifting!
Black Friday Top Deals 2022 - Film Camera Store

We've compiled a list of our top deals and favourite bargains to reach for this Black Friday. Black Friday is the best chance if you are looking to plan ahead for gift giving. It's a great time to get your Christmas presents in early at a discounted price too!

A great option to start with is a collectors edition camera

A collectors edition simply means the retro film camera comes in its original vintage camera box. Usually, there is a manual included and a wrist strap. This makes for a perfect gift as it's already in a gift box!

0.1 Praktica Sport 880s

Praktica Sport 880s - Film Camera Store

£129.99 Praktica Sport 880s  (Currently not in stock)

See also Praktica Sport 880s  (Stock AVAILABLE)

 The Praktica Sport is a great option for a budget film camera that has a superfast shutter and fixed focus lens. The 880s is particularly great as it has an auto flash built-in, which means you can light up your subject and capture them at speed. 

 Rock Climbing - Sport Photography - Film Camera Store

Photo by Sasha Matveeva on Unsplash


0.2 Minolta Riva Zoom 90/DATE

Minolta Riva Zoom 90 - Film Camera Store

£169.99 Minolta Riva Zoom 90

 The Minolta Riva Zoom 90 is a very versatile compact camera. It has tracking and spot autofocus which allows you to shoot both fast-moving objects as well as particular subjects to stand them out of the background. The Minolta is perfect for your traveller friend who needs a versatile camera with flash and zoom.

 Travel Film Photography - Film Camera Store

Photo by Thai An on Unsplash


0.3 Olympus Go/Go R

Olympus Go - Film Camera Store

£139.99 Olympus Go

Olympus Go R - Film Camera Store

£149.99 Olympus GO R

The Olympus Go is a simple fixed focus 35mm film camera sold by Olympus. The camera was made in China in 1996. Both cameras have flash in-built and are a simple compact to use for all purposes. The difference between them is the GO R has red eye reduction which is great for that bright flash.

Olympus - Film Camera Store


0.4 Pentax Espio 115

Pentax Espio 115 - Gift set - Film Camera Store

£159.99 Pentax Espio 115 / IQZoom 

This vintage film camera is ideal for beginners, amateurs, and professionals. It’s in excellent condition and is ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos. This camera has a huge zoom of how compact the design is. It also has some cute accessories included in the gift set box, ideal for Christmas or gifting late this year. These accessories include a cleaning cloth, keyring, manual, wrist strap, and remote control for when you want to be in the photo too!

Pentax Espio 115 Film Photography - Film Camera Store

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash


0.5 Lomo Bundle

 Lomo Bundle with Film - Film Camera Store

£29.99 Lomo Film Camera Bundle With Film

Now, this camera is an option for those who have a small budget and fancy having a bit of fun using a film camera. LOMO standing for Lomography is a type of photography that is a bit unique and allows for the faults in film photography like blurs, light leaks, and grainy images. The LOMO camera here is such a good present as it's a bit different. It has 4 lenses and takes 4 images on one slide of film to create a movement or GIF out of 1 image. It's perfect for those who like to try something new and for a smidge of the price of any other film camera. It also comes with a roll of film... what more do you need!?

LOMO GIF Camera - FIlm Camera Store

@perspecgif - 35mm Gifs


0.6 Olympus Trip 35 - Customisable

Pink Trip 35 - Film Camera Store

£199.99 Customisable Re-Leathered Olympus Trip 35

Olympus introduced the Trip 35 in 1967 and discontinued it after a lengthy production run, in 1984. The Trip name is a reference to its intended market people who wanted a compact, functional camera for holidays. These small pocket-size cameras are beautiful and will catch the eye of anyone. Why not make it a special gift or treat yourself this Black Friday and get a Trip 35 re-leathered? We offer several kinds of leather to make your boring black and silver camera stand out and take on some personality. Our current favourite is this bright pink! But our most popular colour is Orange - See our Instagram for more inspiration!

 Olympus Trip 35 - The Holiday Camera - Film Camera Store

Photo by Deniz Demicri on Unsplash


0.7 Retro Vibe Film Camera

Retro Vibe - Film Camera Store

£69.99 Retro Vibe 35mm Film Camera - In Black

This lightweight pocket-sized camera is suitable for both Day and Night photography. Making it the perfect choice to capture epic memories at Festivals, Events, Holidays, Parties and much more! An ideal choice for people with a friend or family member who is constantly taking photos of everyone and everything, this little compact camera is super lightweight and has a flash so perfect for inside photos alongside night time photos!

Retro Vibe in Black - Film Camera Store

Photo by Jacob Bentzinger on Unsplash


0.8 Retro Instant Cameras

Polaroid - Instant Camera - Film Camera Store

From £75.99-139.99 Retro Instant Cameras/Polaroid Cameras

Our Instant Polaroid cameras are often forgotten in the world of Film Photography as they don't use conventional 35mm film rolls but the world of polaroid is making a huge comeback with the instant printing of photos. It makes for a lovely present, it's perfect for someone who is off to experience the world perhaps a friend going to University for the first time and wants to decorate their walls with a happy smiling face of people they miss from home. Its the perfect going away present. 

Polaroid for Instant cameras - Film Camera Store

Photo by Matt Moloney on Unsplash


0.9 Mystery Bags and Mystery Straps

Aztec camera Straps - Film Camera Store

From £15.99 - £69.99 For Branded and Unbranded Camera Straps

Coloured Unbranded bags - Film Camera Store

From £7.99 - £69.99 For Branded and Unbranded Bags or Compact Cases

 We can't let you have a Black Friday deal list without mentioning accessories for your camera owners! A new camera strap or a new bag to match the aesthetic of your friends and family can be an amazing gift for yourself or others. Show off with a boho Aztec strap or test your luck with maybe a rare find in the mystery straps. We make our listings for straps a mystery so it's lighter on your wallet but also we have so many types of straps that it would be impossible to sift through them individually on our website. We made it a fun little luck of the draw pick and mix for you! The same goes for the bags. We have everything from compact bags to SLR bags and leather cases to go with your cameras. Keep your eyes peeled for deals!

0.10 Flash, Lens Cap, Filters

 Flashes and other accessories - Film Camera Store

 £19.99 - £150.00 Flashes vary in size, use and fit.

For those of you who have a camera, and a little setup of what you want and how you like it, you may want to keep your eyes open for a new flash unit or filter to try out or even a new lens cap for your new lens. There are plenty of accessories on our website to keep you coming back to your film camera. IF you need it, we've got it. We'll always be happy to go through how things work or help you with your decisions. 


We hope you have a brilliant Black Friday and grab some deals you had your eye on!