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Christmas 35mm Camera Buying Guide for 2022 - Film Camera Store

Ella Palmer |

Christmas Buying Guide 2022

Film Camera Store's Buying Guide for Christmas 2022

Have you got a photo enthusiast in your life who likes to capture every moment with a photo? Or is a social media addict, constantly thinking of their next post? Someone who enjoys the occasional photoshoot with a couple of friends?

Trying to find the perfect gift for them can be a challenge but no worries we have put together a little guide to help you out!

There are several things to decide when you are shopping as we have so many options for cameras and other things on our website. The best way to sift through the cameras is to choose what type of camera to buy first. This will help you with all the other decision-making.


Let's start with a simple question. Has your person used film before or are they a complete beginner?

If you chose beginner we recommend starting with a point-and-shoot/compact camera. These are best for beginners as they take a bit of the guesswork out of photographing on film for the first time. 

If you chose used film before we recommend choosing something a little more advanced such as an SLR. These are classic and take you back to the key components of photography.

Choose between two types of cameras -  Film Camera Store

 For Point and Shoot cameras there are more things to consider such as the above. Pick a few options and you can sort through our cameras for this. Here are a couple of examples for beginner point-and-shoots with these features.

 Point and Shoot Cameras

Fixed Focus Lens cameras

Canon Sure Shot Supreme - Fixed Focus camera with a fixed lens at 38mm and f2.8

These cameras are a great option for transitioning between disposable cameras and non-disposable film cameras. 

Canon Sure Shot Supreme - Film Camera Store


Zoom Lens cameras

Olympus Superzoom 105G - Zoom lens camera with a zoom of 38-105mm

Zoom lenses are a good option for a variety of images ranging from landscapes to portraits to macro photos. All of these can be achieved with a great zoom. These often come with Autofocus in-built to give you a better chance of not having blurry photos.

Olympus Superzoom 105G 35mm Film Camera Point and Shoot

Flash in-built cameras

Cameras with in-built flash such as the two cameras mentioned above will require batteries to operate the camera and the flash. Some of our point-and-shoot cameras do not require batteries and subsequently do not have an inbuilt flash. Our most popular camera in this category is the Olympus Trip 35 with no flash. These are brilliant small compact camera that is adaptable as you can remove an external flash.

Olympus Trip - collection - Film camera Store

Size of cameras

The size of the camera is another factor to take into consideration. Most of our customers have a preference for smaller more pocket-size cameras. They prefer a camera that you can take everywhere and is easy to use. However, there are many sizes to choose from for cameras. Some others may think the smaller the less quality so opt for a larger point and shoot with a lot of settings and options.


 SLR Cameras


SLRs come in different settings. An Automatic SLR helps you to navigate difficult settings through sensors in the camera. These are closest to DSLRs but take film instead. They also tend to have electronic lenses which have the function of autofocus. However, this isn't always the case. The Canon T70 has a Canon FD mount as opposed to an EOS mount.



Manual SLRs have the same makeup as automatic ones but they don't have auto settings. So the focus is done with the focus ring on the lens. The settings are changed on dials. These are popular with people who have used manual settings on a DSLR or are enthusiasts/hobbyists.

 Pracktica MTL3 - Film Camera Store


Both - manual and automatic

We sell cameras that are adaptable and use both manual and automatic settings. The most popular is the Olympus OM10. The OM10 is automatic with settings however adaptable to manual with the inclusion of an add-on called a manual adapter. This sits as a device in the front panel of the camera. Sometimes we have cameras that have both settings incorporated with no add such as Canon AE-1 Program.


Once you have chosen a camera for your photo enthusiast you may want to seal the deal with a few extras to keep them excited and on board with using film.

Accessories - Film Camera Store

Options for accessories include:

  • Film!
  • External Flash
  • Batteries
  • Lens - Zoom, Prime, Macro, Telephoto
  • Tripod
  • Strap
  • Bag
  • Wireless Remote
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Keyrings
  • Merchandise

 There are several options for External Flashes for your SLR! 

We currently have some rare Fuji chrome Velvia film which is a slide film that is printed as a positive onto the film. There are several film stocks to choose from. Have a look at what we have on our website. Look for 35mm as the typical film size.

 Batteries are often AA or AAA but on the occasion for SLRs and most Olympus MJU they use CR123 or CR batteries commonly found online or in camera shops for a reasonable price. We also have the option for an add-on battery so we can choose the exact battery to go with your camera.

Lenses are a perfect way to spice up a gift! They give the person a bit more experimental creativity to take photos of specifics. Each listing has what it's best suited for. 

We sell so many different camera straps! If there is anything to put in as an extra it would be a camera strap. These make sure the gift isn't dropped but also is a great way to keep the camera on you at all times and get the most out of the gift.

Other gifting options include a make-shift cleaning kit for the camera or why not throw in a cute film canister keyring to put on your keys. These are small unique purchases that could brighten their day!