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The Best 35mm Film Cameras to Travel With

Ella Palmer |

The Best 35mm Film Cameras to Travel With - Film Camera Store

Travelling guide to 35mm film cameras

Our list of the best point-and-shoot film cameras to travel with.

When you travel you want to document your time and memories in all kinds of ways, most people reach for their phone to capture the time. But why not use a film camera to slow down and appreciate the time you have and the memories you make. Along with the enjoyment of taking your time to enjoy your travels, 35mm film lets you re-live those memories after the anticipation of waiting for them to be developed.


Why 35mm cameras are perfect for travelling

35mm compact cameras are perfect for travelling because they are super easy to use with uncomplicated. They are relatively cheap in comparison to digital cameras and they give you a chance to have amazing unique holiday photos.

Film cameras are brilliant to appreciate the time you have without the instant gratification of seeing your photos instantly. It becomes mundane as we use our phones daily for most occasions, a film camera can spark some love for being present in the moment.

There are a few things to consider whilst shopping around for a camera to take with you on holiday.


The Best 35mm Film Cameras To Take Travelling


 What to consider when looking for a camera

  1. Lightweight, compact and pocket size
  2. Easy to use
  3. Flash
  4. Long battery life
  5. Fixed focal length
  6. Hard wearing

 Our list of favourite cameras to travel with

The Best 35mm Film Cameras to Travel With

Olympus Mju II 

Olympus lens 35mm f 2.8

The Olympus Mju II first hit the shelves in 1997 with a small splash-proof body, accurate autofocus and a fast prime lens. The Mju II has an integrated auto flash as well as a slick compact design able to fit beautifully in a jacket pocket. Its sleek aesthetic design is what makes it attractive as well as the camera has an auto rewind and options for a time/date stamp to add to that retro look. For under 200g this camera is a win for travel!

 Pentax- Espio- 115- Film Camera Store

Pentax Espio 115

Pentax Powerzoom 38-115mm f3.9

The Pentax Espio 115 is a 35mm compact zoom camera that has autofocus and a brilliant zoom that's so great for adapting to different travel situations. The functionality makes this camera the best for travelling. There's an auto film speed and optional extras like remote control and the ability to put on a tripod for when you want a put together photo as opposed to a holiday snap. Weighing 215g it's lightweight and packs a punch! 


Canon Sure Shot Supreme - Film Camera Store

Canon Sureshot Supreme

Canon Autofocus 38mm f2.8

Canon Sureshot Supreme is supreme in the way it performs in all kinds of situations. This camera is a lightweight and attractive part of the Auto-boy Canon collection they're fully automatic with autofocus and an inbuilt flash. On the weightier side of compacts at 315g but with the long strap and leather case, this plush camera is lovely to wear about on a summer holiday. It's perfect to have on you constantly so it's there for when you need it.

Currently on sale on our website.

Olympus Trip 35 - Film Camera Store

Olympus Trip 35

D.Zukio 40mm f2.8

The Olympus Trip 35 is a beautiful piece of technology from 1967. The Olympus Trip 35 has an innovative solar panel that acts as the power behind a light meter. To learn more check out our blog all about the Trip 35 

The Trip 35 is one of those travelling cameras that is built for beginners and ease. With a fixed focus and different focal settings for environments. It also has no need for a battery and is super lightweight. The Trip 35 is also fully manual so reduces the risk of issues as well as a full metal body for wear and tear inside your jacket pocket.


Underwater Cameras -  Film Camera Store

Underwater Cameras

Focus Free 28mm

Underwater cameras are perfect for showing off a colourful personality when it comes to holidays and travels. They're also an amazing option for those on a budget. Having a waterproof case makes it hardy and durable as well as brilliant for when the beer is flowing. To create memories fast whilst enjoying an amazing time. Super lightweight, compact and durable.


Honorary mention

Olympus Pen E-33 - Film Camera Store

 Olympus Pen E-33

D.Zukio 28mm f3.5

In our honorary mention, we have included the Olympus Pen E-55 as it's a lovely mini version of the Olympus Trip 35. Yes! It's tiny and compact but also brilliant for travelling light as you get more photos for your buck. This little half-frame camera takes a 35mm frame and splits half the frame into 2 different photos. it uses double a frame for each 35mm frame. We have some sample photos from our colleague using it in Prague. They used ISO 200 colour film with 18 exposures and got 36 exposures back. 

 The Best 35mm Film Cameras To Travel With - Film Camera Store

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